Superior Induction is dedicated to offering our customers quality induction heating equipment at a very affordable price. These are truly remarkable and revolutionary machines packing tremendous power in such a small chassis. Like the rest of our family of induction heaters, the MF Series (meaning Medium Frequency 30-80 Khz) uses the highest quality components from the 7KW model (SI-7KW) all the way up to the 60KW model (SI-60KW). They are truly portable machines, ranging in weight from 45 lb (21 kg) to 244 lb (111 kg).


Output Power 7 kW
Air Cooling Rear Fan
Input Power 8.75 kVA
Water Pressure 40 psi ~ 0.28 Mpa
Water Protection Pressure and Temperature Switch
Output Current 600 A
Water Flow 1.2 gal/min 4.8 L/min
Auto Heating Time 1 to 99 seconds
Output Frequency 30 to 80 kHz
Auto Retaining Time 1 to 99 seconds
Input Voltage 230 V Single Phase
Auto Cooling Time 1 to 99 seconds

Heat Station

Size (W x D x H) 8 x 17 x 16 in-191 x 419 x 394 mm
Weight 45 lb ~ 21 kg

Accessories and Services From Superior Induction

  • Spare parts for all oscillator tube induction heaters
  • Induction brazing by our experienced team
  • Water chillers for all types of induction heaters
  • Optional accessories such as pyrometers and PID temperature controllers
  • Power semi-conductors for all solid-state induction heaters
  • Custom coil design, buss bars and flexible leads