Induction Brazing & Services

Accessories And Services From Superior Induction:

  • Custom coil design, bus bars, and flexible leads.
  • Power semi-conductors for all solid-state induction heaters
  • Spare parts for all oscillator tube induction heaters
  • Induction brazing by our experienced team
  • Water chillers for all types of induction heaters
  • Optional accessories such as pyrometers and PID temperature Controllers

Induction Brazing:

The induction heating process achieves accurate, uniform consistency in brazing applications. As a result, quality is increased while scrap is reduced. Localized heating pinpoints the area to be brazed while protecting other areas.

Since there is no product contact, there is little opportunity for breakage. In addition, oxidation and discoloration are minimized, often eliminating the need for a controlled atmosphere.

Free quotes and estimates are available.

In most cases, you can get a free sample.

Dip brazing, torch, induction brazing, and soft soldering to conform with most specs

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