Superior Induction is dedicated to offering our customers quality induction heating equipment at a very affordable price. These are truly remarkable and revolutionary machines packing tremendous power in such a small chassis. Like the rest of our family of induction heaters, the LF Series (meaning Low Frequency 1-20 kHz) uses the highest quality components from the 10KW model (SI-10KWLF) all the way up to the 150KW model (SI-150KWLF). They are truly portable machines, the largest weighing 289 lb (131 kg).

How does Superior Induction keep the prices so affordable? We have low overhead. In addition, the manufacturer's engineers have developed a very efficient design in all their induction heating machines, thereby reducing the amount of components and the cost.

These machines are ideal for rod and bar forging, induction melting, heat treatment of moulds and heat matching for motor parts. Because our solid-state induction heaters are so portable, they can be placed on a cart and moved just about anywhere on the factory floor for easy mobility. Also because of their small chassis size they can be shipped anywhere around the world for both sales and service. If after a few years your machine needs service, no problem; just ship it to us and we will return it to you with very fast turnaround.

Superior Induction offers our solid-state induction heating equipment with a one year parts and labor warranty and are guaranteed to perform as well or better than any other induction heaters. Support is available any time either through a telephone call or email.


Duty Cycle 100%
Auto Heating Time .1 to 99.9 seconds
Auto Retaining Time .1 to 99.9 seconds
Air Cooling Rear Fan
Output Frequency 1 to 20 kHz
Water Flow 2.25 gal/min - 9.0 L/min
Water Pressure 40 psi ~ 0.28 Mpa
Output Power 20 kW
Water Protection Pressure and Temperature Switch
Input Voltage 460 V Three Phase
Output Frequency 1 to 20 kHz
Output Current 5 to 45 A
Output Voltage 70 to 550 V

Power Supply

Size (W x D x H) 10 x 18 x 17in ~ 260 x 460 x 430mm
Weight 44 lb 20 kg

Heat Station

Weight 66 lb ~ 30 kg
Size (W x D x H) 9 x 18 x 15 in ~ 220 x 460 x 375 mm

Rod and Bar Forging / Induction Melting

  • Super small sized LF induction heating machine
  • LF induction heating of .75" (19 mm) and above rods and bars is thorough, even and quicker
  • 24 hours a day continuous working
  • Automatic rod and bar feeding

Heating Requirements for Rod / Bar Diameters

10 kW to 40 kW .75" (19 mm) - 1.5" (35 mm)
60 kW to 80 kW .75" (19 mm) - 2.0" (50 mm)
100 kW 2.0" (50 mm) and above

Models and Induction Melting Applications

SI-10KWLF 7.5-25 lb / 3-10 kg
SI-20KWLF 7.5-50 lb / 3-20 kg
SI-30KWLF 12.5-100 lb / 5-40 kg
SI-40KWLF 25-125 lb / 10-50 kg
SI-60KWLF 50-250 lb / 20-100 kg
SI-80KWLF 62.5-312.5 lb / 25-125 kg
SI-100KWLF 75-375 lb / 30-150 kg

Accessories and Services From Superior Induction

  • Custom coil design, buss bars and flexible leads
  • Power semi-conductors for all solid-state induction heaters
  • Spare parts for all oscillator tube induction heaters
  • Induction brazing by our experienced team
  • Water chillers for all types of induction heaters
  • Optional accessories such as pyrometers and PID temperature controllers